Perception & Abundance

Perception & Abundance

You create your own reality – and it is all about perception.

my “cold” analogy:

It is not the cold that bothers you – it’s your reaction to the feeling of the coldness against your skin. It is up to you how you feel about the cold and then react to it – it is not the cold’s “fault” you feel such ways about it!

For example, some people like cold, and some dislike it. But if you can change your perception of cold, you have the capability of beginning to like it – or maybe even to enjoy it!

Your mind is very powerful. You can use it as a tool to help create the life you want – no one else will do it for you. It’s the only thing you need.

In order to do this, you have to really want change. You have to work for it. You have to want it more than anything.

Research the cold, do the work. Figure out how your body works and why you react to like the way you do, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. Do whatever it takes for you to change your reality for your own well being and peace of mind.

in the same vein:

It is not the person who is “ugly” – it YOURSELF who is ugly – because it was YOU who created that “ugly” first! Whenever you call someone or something ugly, you are only calling yourself ugly, because you embodied it first. Nothing is – in itself – “anything”. It is up to the observer to choose what to think.

Perception is a key to acquiring the life your desire.

If you think you are living with a lack of abundance – you are.

If you think you are living in a constant state of joy and happiness – you are. This is all you will see.

It is up to you what kind of world you wish to see around you.

Thoughts on abundance:

Abundance may not mean material wealth – a women in a poor country may not have much food or a sufficient shelter, yet she still has the capacity to live in a state of constant bliss because of her perception. Abundance to her may ONLY mean the love she feels to her family or the experiences she has with her children. Abundance to her may ONLY mean the gratitude she feels to wake up every day and to experience the wind in her hair and the grass between her feet. Abundance to her may ONLY mean being able to look up to the night sky and see the stars every night of her life. Abundance is a warm embrace by her children, a kiss from a lover, a single word spoken to her from a long lost friend, a single cup of clean water in her hands…

Abundance is perception.






Youth Drop-In – Update

Thank you all who attended the first Youth Drop-In on Tuesday! It was so wonderful to meet kindred spirits from the Niagara area!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the first turnout was a success! There was a lot of story telling, tea drinking and laughing! Not to mention meeting awesome new people!! Some of the topics we discussed included:

    • Reiki and energy healing – (3 of us were practitioners!)
    • crystals and gemstones
    • Mediumship and Lily Dale, New York
    • meditation and transcendental meditation
    • communication with friends and family who have passed
    • out of body experiences
    • angel cards and tarot

The reason why these meetings are so important is that we offer a space where any discussion of spirituality is made in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Sometimes it is hard to talk about these things because there is a certain negative stigma attached. Our goal is to erase this stigma. It is normal and natural to experience these things or have a curiosity about them. It has nothing to do with superstition or any other negative connotation that society has unfortunately branded to it. Because it is looked at this way, many people fail to recognize the many beneficial and healing aspects of knowing about and understanding these things. Intelligent people will first investigate this information before they criticize it.


For those of you who are interested in attending the next Youth Drop-In: in addition to offering a safe space for conversation, we’ll be doing some Spiritual Cork-Boarding! ! These are handy tools to help manifest and focus your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual goals.

Here’s what Spiritual Cork-Boarding (or Vision Boards or Dream Boards ) typically look like:


You might have heard of Vision Boarding from the movie The Secret, which teaches about the Law Of Attraction. Vision Boards are tools to help you use this Law more effectively. This Law states that like attracts like, (or consequentially, UN-like attracts UN-like) and that everything you send out on a vibrational and energetic level you receive back to you.

Everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. You use your thoughts and emotions to manifest your physical reality. You attract people or situations because of the thoughts you send out on a daily basis. Vision Boards help fine tune and focus your thoughts to help you send energy towards anything you want to manifest or create in your life.

Please bring whatever materials you want use to make your board, like markers, paint, pencil crayons, pictures of your role models, images of places you want to go, items, symbols, postcards, feathers, images, etc. We will supply materials as well!


What: Youth Drop-In (ages 15-25)

Where: The Spiritual Spa – 185 James Street in St. Catharines

When: August 14, 2014 from 7-9pm

Why: making Vision Boards to help focus and manifest your goals

Who: facilitated by Madelyn Siuciak and Brandon Dallman

How: Send an email to or text 289-990-3324 to reserve your spot!


Hope to see you out!


Affirmation meditation to help cleanse Earth of negative energies!!


Very powerful stuff I found on YouTube!! If you are into lightwork, this can be your daily go-to. I’ve included the link at the bottom. Thank you 777Alaje!

Repeat this every day to help cleanse the planet of negative energies:

“With the power of cosmic light and love, I clean Planet Earth of all evil energies, all hate, all aggressiveness, all suppression, all violence, all wars, all military and all weapons. All aggressive people shall feel the love in their heart, and walk the way of light.

With the power of cosmic light and love, I clean Planet Earth of all consumption insanity, competition thinking, and wastefulness of resources and energy. All Earth humans shall be free of all economical slavery. All Earth humans shall live with enough food to eat and a house to live.

With the power of cosmic light and love, I clean Planet Earth from all secret societies, all evil politicians, all Illuminati and all greedy people. All the evil things they have created are burning away.

With the power of cosmic light and love, I clean Planet Earth of violence against animals, from animal prisons, and from the industrial mafia.

With the power of cosmic light and love, I clean Planet Earth from all diseases. The air, water, ground, humans and animals are free from all toxins. All diseased people are healed. All smokers and alcoholics shall find self-love instead of harming themselves and others.

With the power of cosmic light, I heal the chakra points of every human. The DNA of all humans is healed, and it is functioning correctly.

With the power of cosmic light and love, I clean Planet Earth of all cults, religion, bigotry and superstition. They have cost the lives of millions of people, and have blocked the development of consciousness and science. Earth humans shall find a true connection to the existence. The cosmic centre of consciousness is the source of everything.

With the power of cosmic light and love, I clean Planet Earth from all ignorance, all madness, all arrogance. Everybody shall be able to heal all blockades and unhealed karmic issues. Everybody shall have a higher consciousness. Everybody shall have Universal Knowledge. Everybody shall be spiritual. Everybody shall see the light. Everybody shall activate the love in their heart.”

Once you have experienced real cosmic love, you are changed forever. With love energy, you are prepared from the higher energies of the transformation process. Love is the energy of the cosmic central consciousness. Love is the solution for everything.





Reaching Out to the Niagara Community

Reaching Out to the Niagara Community

We think everyone in the community should have the opportunity and tools to gain and maintain good health and overall wellbeing. Sometimes the constraints are ideology, with heavy scepticism of what holistic healing is all about and what our bodies need (lack of knowledge), whereas other constraints might include financial barriers or simply transportation and access. As such, Kelly and I have talked about how we can help the Niagara Community when there are these kinds of constraints to people’s wellbeing, and would like to offer some initiatives to those who need or want it.

 Post-Secondary Students in Niagara – Brock University & Niagara College

There have been concerns in the community about the wellbeing of university and college students in the Niagara Region; student Mental Health is a growing concern for parents, faculty and administration. As a university lecturer, I see numerous students that are stressed, anxious, and sometimes feeling a little lost. Many work part-time in addition to attending school full-time, and many have family obligations that demand their time. Excelling  and successfully completing an Undergraduate, Masters, or Doctoral degree is becoming increasing more challenging, with unanswered questions about what happens when they graduate; the job market is tough, even for an educated demographic.

It was recently announced that Brock University will receive $360,240 to partner with Niagara College and address the growing concern about student mental health. Numerous initiatives are being set in motion, such as The Holistic Wellness Initiative that will start by working with Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit student needs.  We have also seen some exam stress-busters, such as visiting puppies – spending time with animals is an excellent way to de-stress.

 Earlier this month, Mount Royal University in Alberta offered students free 15 minute Reiki sessions at the university during exam time to alleviate stress and anxiety, and to aid in relaxing. I was really thrilled to read about this, and think it would be great to offer this at Brock and Niagara College. Kelly & I will be looking into this, and connecting with people who could help make it happen for exams next year.

Meanwhile, we would like to offer Brock and Niagara College students over the age of 18 access to Holistic Services, without the worry of a heavy fee for service. A 30 minute Usui Reiki Session is only $20 for Brock and Niagara College students. And, we have a bus-stop right in front of our door (#6 Lake St Bus).

 Seniors in Niagara

Seniors in Niagara also face financial constraints and transportation issues. If you’re unable to come to our location, we can travel to you; just let us know what you need. And, we are also offering a reduced rate for members of the Niagara Senior’s Community: a 30 minute Usui Reiki Session is only $20.

Financial situations or lack of monetary flow should never be a barrier to receiving holistic healing. Although it’s a sensitive topic, if you find yourself in a position where you cannot afford the regular fees for Reiki, please let us know and we can chat about arrangements.