Spring Forward – With Courage & Intent…

The past year has been all about Angels for me. I was never really one to pay attention to ‘Angels’ until I did some research on what they are all about and where their stories stem from. Much to my surprise, I discovered that Angels can be found cross-culturally and historically. Stories of Angel helpers and protectors are found throughout time and across different cultures – throughout Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, and more. Sometimes they have different names and sometimes they have the same names, but they typically have the same significance, meaning and story.

My Angel Oracle Cards are one of my favourite decks to gain insight into where I’m at, or for messages from the Spirit World. I use them daily to connect to the energetic world and they always offer useful bits of information and help when I need it. As I am also planting the seeds and working on manifesting the world I want around me, two cards from the Angel Oracle Deck keep surfacing for me and I thought I would share them here. They are timely with our theme and with a specific message: Spring Forward – with Courage and Crystal-Clear Intentions.

The first card is from Michael and notes “Crystal Clear Intentions – Be clear about what you desire, and focus upon it with unwavering faith.” Be bold enough to admit what you truly desire, and have faith that it will come to you. Set some time aside and write out exactly what you want and need. Don’t worry how it will come about, the ‘higher powers’ will take care of that.

The second card is from Ariel and notes “Courage – Be courageous and stand up for your beliefs”. This card encourages you to do what you need to do, even if others do not agree or understand your needs. Ariel gives you the strength to stand up for your beliefs and allows you to act as a role model to others who are searching and seeking their own life path and purpose.

This March I encourage you to join me – Spring Forward with Clear Intent and have Courage to take the steps forward to manifest positivity – what you want to nurture and grow in your life.
Namaste! Tracy


I Saw the Sign, and It Opened up My Eyes…

Being busy is a state that people are constantly in; it is how our society is structured. Our minds are full of things; we’re constantly thinking and focused on the hundred or so tasks we need to do and take care of. One of the hardest things to learn is to how to still the mind, and certainly one of the biggest barriers for people when they try and meditate. When we’re in this busy mental state, it’s easy to go on ‘automatic pilot’. We miss what’s really going on around us, and we overlook the signs and synchronicities that are out there, and often right in front of our noses.
Synchronicities and signs, or tid-bits of information are clues from the unseen world around us. Carl Jung discusses it with respect to the collective unconscious, and The Celestine Prophecies also talk about it. Call it what you will, the Divine, the Universe, our Higher Self, Our Spirit Guides etc, often provide us hints to help us solve our problems, or help with what direction to go in when we’re trying to make a decision about something, or even just to offer us strength during difficult and trying times.

When I was thinking about articles to write for this newsletter and the blog, I was toying with some ideas but couldn’t really decide. Then, the Ace of Base song – “The Sign” kept popping up – on two different radio stations at different times of the day, at the thrift shop, and then at the grocery store. I thought to myself, it’s not a new song, why does it keep showing up? And so, I decided to write a piece about synchronicities and signs. It was a good reminder to me how the unseen world speaks to us, but how easy it can be to miss these signs – even when we feel we’re in tune, the exterior world can still fill our minds and clog our cosmic flow.

Does the same number or sequence of numbers keep popping up everywhere you look? Does a particular song keep popping up in various locations? Does a certain animal keep revealing itself in different places? Do some topics keep coming up in conversations with different people at different times? Does a person’s name keep showing up? Have you ever experienced a strange sequence of events that all seem related? Go beyond notions of coincidence or fluke events; pay attention to patterns of tid-bits that keep surfacing for you. What does it mean to you? Why is the pattern significant?

When we take the time to observe the world around us, we can really start to ‘see’ things differently and experience the world around us in a very different way. In hearing this song (and I don’t even like the song really) in all these different venues, I was reminded to stay in tune and listen, to see, to feel and experience what is going on around me. Sometimes when we ask for guidance from our ethereal helpers, help can come to us in various ways, sometimes very overt and ‘in your face’, and yet other times very subtle – like in synchronicities, signs and patterns. To borrow the phrase from the X-Files, ‘the truth is out there’, we just have to notice it is being presented to us and shared with us. And so, a good reminder that we all need to stop, take a deep breath and really look at the world around us, as it interacts with us continuously.
Namaste. Tracy