~Allowing Yourself to Bloom~

The world is coming alive all around us. It’s a bit late this year, and we are certainly ready for the beauty that the May flowers have to offer us. Growth is all around us; the grass is greener, the trees have buds, the Forsythias are blooming, and flowers pushing up through the ground to greet us. It’s here. Mother Earth is beginning her bloom.

Last month we cleaned out our Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical closets to make room for new vibrant Energies. We can take lesson from Mother Earth at this time, and think about what we want to nurture and cultivate in our lives. What do we truly want to manifest in our lives at this time? What will you grow? Take some time to think about the kind of world you want to create around you. How will your inner garden grow? What kinds of things will you say, do, and feel to help nurture and develop the world of love and beauty you want to live in? Imagine it. Grow it. Live it. You know you can do it.

One of the most noticeable issues that surfaces in my classes, workshops and seminars is how busy people are, and how challenging it can be to take the time for Spiritual Self-Care.
Many of us know what we need to keep ourselves balanced on all four aspects. However, we get overwhelmed by the demands the outside world has on us, and then we feel we don’t have the time we need to do our Spiritual work. In truth, we do have the time – we just don’t make ourselves a priority. We don’t prioritize our daily Spiritual Self-Care the same way we prioritize grocery shopping, bill paying, (paid) work, cleaning, child care and so forth. We don’t allow ourselves to fully bloom. Why aren’t you taking (at least) ten minutes for your daily meditation? What’s stopping you from going in your backyard for five minutes to ground yourself? Why is it difficult for you to snatch two minutes for yourself and converse with your Spirit Helpers and Angels? Why are you holding yourself back?

I want to tell you – and assure you – that you are worth the time, and that your Spiritual needs are a priority – just as much as the other hundred things you do in a day. You have value. You are deserving. This May, I encourage you to Allow Yourself to Bloom – convince yourself that you can take time for yourself, even if it’s within the cracks and crevices of a busy day. Give yourself permission for self care. Nurture your inner needs, and cultivate your Spiritual garden. YOU are worth it.
Happy Spiritual Gardening!
Namaste! Tracy


~Spring Cleaning~

It’s finally April – the long winter is over and we are ready for warmer days. The days are already longer, allowing us to spend more time outside taking walks and sky-gazing. We’re starting to think about Barbeques, gardening, vacations and days at the beach. April puts a smile on our face and offers us hope. This is the time of year where we feel the urge to clean – we’re inspired by the rain that washes away the residues of things trapped under the many months
of snow.

You’re probably already getting that ‘spring cleaning’ itch. In your homes – clearing out eaves troughs, raking the lawn, cleaning out closets, renovating, painting rooms and whatnot. We think about renewal – freshening up things that are stale or that have worn down a bit.
While we tend to do this easily for the physical world – our homes, yards, vehicles and whatnot, we don’t always think of this kind of cleansing and renewal on an emotional and spiritual level. This is a perfect time of year to take stock of what is going on inside of us – a life review of sorts. As mentioned, this is a good time of year to clean out our emotional and spiritual closets – purging things, people and situations that do not work to love and support us. This month, I encourage you to do a major clean out. Start with your home – ridding yourself of clothing, household items and knick knacks that you’re not using or that you’ve outgrown.

There are numerous places in the Niagara Region where you can drop these things off – Goodwill, Value Village, Women’s Shelters – whatever organization you may support. We tend to hold onto physical items very tightly. Some offer memories of special times, other physical items may work to prove to us our successes in the material world. In truth, we really don’t need these items. In truth, they are constructed falsehoods that feed the ego and make us feel like we’ve accomplished something in Life. Let them go.

In addition to clearing out material items, I encourage you to cleanse things on the “inside” that aren’t working for you. Consider your relationships with others – who supports you? Who ridicules you? Who are the people that offer you unconditional love, even when you might not do the same for yourself? What situations make you feel loved and supported? What circumstances sit right within you, and which ones don’t? What worldview and perspectives are stagnating you? Which ones are blocking or impeding your flow and life path? Purge whatever and whoever is not resonating with you. Send them or the situation love and light, and move on.

Some of these suggestions might be challenging. But remember, we can’t fill a cup that is already full; pour off some excess and make room for new. Be confident that what is coming to you now is supportive of your path and rooted in love and light. Accept no less. Happy Cleaning!

Spring Forward – With Courage & Intent…

The past year has been all about Angels for me. I was never really one to pay attention to ‘Angels’ until I did some research on what they are all about and where their stories stem from. Much to my surprise, I discovered that Angels can be found cross-culturally and historically. Stories of Angel helpers and protectors are found throughout time and across different cultures – throughout Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, and more. Sometimes they have different names and sometimes they have the same names, but they typically have the same significance, meaning and story.

My Angel Oracle Cards are one of my favourite decks to gain insight into where I’m at, or for messages from the Spirit World. I use them daily to connect to the energetic world and they always offer useful bits of information and help when I need it. As I am also planting the seeds and working on manifesting the world I want around me, two cards from the Angel Oracle Deck keep surfacing for me and I thought I would share them here. They are timely with our theme and with a specific message: Spring Forward – with Courage and Crystal-Clear Intentions.

The first card is from Michael and notes “Crystal Clear Intentions – Be clear about what you desire, and focus upon it with unwavering faith.” Be bold enough to admit what you truly desire, and have faith that it will come to you. Set some time aside and write out exactly what you want and need. Don’t worry how it will come about, the ‘higher powers’ will take care of that.

The second card is from Ariel and notes “Courage – Be courageous and stand up for your beliefs”. This card encourages you to do what you need to do, even if others do not agree or understand your needs. Ariel gives you the strength to stand up for your beliefs and allows you to act as a role model to others who are searching and seeking their own life path and purpose.

This March I encourage you to join me – Spring Forward with Clear Intent and have Courage to take the steps forward to manifest positivity – what you want to nurture and grow in your life.
Namaste! Tracy

I Saw the Sign, and It Opened up My Eyes…

Being busy is a state that people are constantly in; it is how our society is structured. Our minds are full of things; we’re constantly thinking and focused on the hundred or so tasks we need to do and take care of. One of the hardest things to learn is to how to still the mind, and certainly one of the biggest barriers for people when they try and meditate. When we’re in this busy mental state, it’s easy to go on ‘automatic pilot’. We miss what’s really going on around us, and we overlook the signs and synchronicities that are out there, and often right in front of our noses.
Synchronicities and signs, or tid-bits of information are clues from the unseen world around us. Carl Jung discusses it with respect to the collective unconscious, and The Celestine Prophecies also talk about it. Call it what you will, the Divine, the Universe, our Higher Self, Our Spirit Guides etc, often provide us hints to help us solve our problems, or help with what direction to go in when we’re trying to make a decision about something, or even just to offer us strength during difficult and trying times.

When I was thinking about articles to write for this newsletter and the blog, I was toying with some ideas but couldn’t really decide. Then, the Ace of Base song – “The Sign” kept popping up – on two different radio stations at different times of the day, at the thrift shop, and then at the grocery store. I thought to myself, it’s not a new song, why does it keep showing up? And so, I decided to write a piece about synchronicities and signs. It was a good reminder to me how the unseen world speaks to us, but how easy it can be to miss these signs – even when we feel we’re in tune, the exterior world can still fill our minds and clog our cosmic flow.

Does the same number or sequence of numbers keep popping up everywhere you look? Does a particular song keep popping up in various locations? Does a certain animal keep revealing itself in different places? Do some topics keep coming up in conversations with different people at different times? Does a person’s name keep showing up? Have you ever experienced a strange sequence of events that all seem related? Go beyond notions of coincidence or fluke events; pay attention to patterns of tid-bits that keep surfacing for you. What does it mean to you? Why is the pattern significant?

When we take the time to observe the world around us, we can really start to ‘see’ things differently and experience the world around us in a very different way. In hearing this song (and I don’t even like the song really) in all these different venues, I was reminded to stay in tune and listen, to see, to feel and experience what is going on around me. Sometimes when we ask for guidance from our ethereal helpers, help can come to us in various ways, sometimes very overt and ‘in your face’, and yet other times very subtle – like in synchronicities, signs and patterns. To borrow the phrase from the X-Files, ‘the truth is out there’, we just have to notice it is being presented to us and shared with us. And so, a good reminder that we all need to stop, take a deep breath and really look at the world around us, as it interacts with us continuously.
Namaste. Tracy

Living in the Light – Navigating Daily Challenges

Many of us have a good idea about what we want to do with our lives, and how we want to live out each day. We have a sense of what our life path entails and if we’re lucky, we’re already dabbling in it and doing our thing (perhaps on a part-time scale). We also have a sense of where our thoughts and hearts should be as we begin our days. We know that our thoughts manifest the world around us; we start off our day with a positive affirmation, a grounding meditation, we tuck our crystals in our pockets and purses, and we fill our hearts with Love and Light and go off to do our daily things. For the most part, we’re in a good place, we have our tools and we’re ready to manifest what we truly want.

And then, we meet some challenges along the way. We might wake up feeling weird, or have a strange funk hit us in the middle of the day. We might face situations or people that are not energetically in the same place as we are. Sometimes we just feel like we’re having a ‘bad day’. Arguably, there is no such thing, as each experience is meant to teach us something. But – some days it’s just darn difficult to stay positive and stay in the Light.

We might wake up and wonder about the job we’re in – the job that isn’t part of our path and that just doesn’t feel right. We do it begrudgingly. We might ask ourselves – why is it so hard to do what I want to do? Everyone asks this, you’re not alone. It’s likely that the job you’re doing isn’t part of your path and you feel that – like you should be somewhere else doing something else. It’s important to remember that it’s a means to an end – it’s a tool to help you get to where you’re going. It’s paying the bills right now.

Importantly, your job (the one that’s not part of your life path) doesn’t define you. It’s not who you really are. Again, it’s an instrument, a stepping-stone. And, although it’s sometimes unbearable to be there, it’s an opportunity to think about – what can I learn from this? Are there situations or people here that I need to deal with and work through? How can I put my ‘good-mojo’ to work here? Think about the ways that you can incorporate the ‘True-You’ into seemingly unbearable or unpleasant situations. The customer who is yelling at you at the counter, the demanding Boss who’s constantly on your back, the tedious and monotonous tasks that you do daily – In what ways can you integrate the True-You into the ‘blah’ or ‘meh’ aspects of your day? In what ways can you let Love and Light trickle through into the ‘yuck’ aspects of your job and social relationships? There’s a reason why you are where you are right now. Look for ways that you can shine your Light in places you might feel are dark for you right now. Move from passive to active on Your terms. Be grateful for these opportunities, no matter how challenging.

It’s easy to feel weighed down by the exterior world around us, especially if you’re intuitive or empathetic – and despite the energetic boundaries you’ve set up for protection. We’re still human, and the Ego still plays a role in our existence. Sometimes when we take a moment and evaluate our lives and the changes we want to make, we feel a little overwhelmed. The big picture viewpoint is daunting and huge. You might ask yourself – How will I ever get to where I want to be? How can I possibly make all these changes? How will this all play out? Try not to get caught in the trap of the meta-view. Try and take a more micro-view and take it day by day. What can I do today that will help me get closer to my goals? What can I do in this very moment to help me get to where I need and want to be? Part of this is learning to exist in the ‘Now’. We want to be sure to enjoy this very moment, this hour, this day and not be so worried and overwhelmed about the month, the year, the decade. Utilize your spiritual-tools: practice gratitude, use your crystals, say your affirmations, go hug a tree, reach out to a friend, or whatever you use and do to help you stay positive and in the Light. You’re not alone, and in truth, you’re already on your way to where you want to be.

Stay strong.

Review & Reflections – “Seven Grandfather Teachings 28-Day Reflection Journal”

About a month ago I was given the opportunity to engage with the “Seven Grandfather Teachings 28-Day Reflection Journal” by Kelly Frantastic Davis. I say engage because you don’t simply read a reflection journal, you interact with it and if it’s any good, you find yourself engaged with the content, concepts, and the growth it evokes from within. This reflection journal really captured my attention, and engaged me daily. It allowed me not only learn about the teachings themselves, but apply them to my life and circumstances. By Day 28, I was lamenting that there wasn’t a Day 29; I wanted to continue my personal journey with these teachings.

The journal itself is structured for 28 days, and suggests that you dedicate ten or fifteen minutes at the beginning of your day to the entries. Each day is a different teaching, based on the Seven Grandfather Teachings of the Anishnaabe People: Love, Honesty, Wisdom, Truth, Bravery, Respect, and Humility. Every entry includes a motivational quote, the author’s personal reflection of the quote, and ample space to record your own thoughts and reflections. I appreciated the personal stories that Frantastic shared with readers, a good reminder that each of us travels a road that is not always paved.

In the introduction, Davis states: “This reflection journal can be effective for the reader in terms of enhancing, empowering, and providing guidance while making positive changes in their life.” (p2). I really enjoyed my experience of this 28 journal, and recommend it to others. As I read the author’s quotes and reflections, I revisited experiences of my youth, and reflected upon the current world around me. Some days I wrote furiously in tiny script (always with my favourite purple pen) so that I could fit in as much as the paper would allow me. Other days I would write concisely, with short notes that danced all over the page, and other times I found myself sketching images or doodling creatively around my words. The time I spent each morning also allowed me to start the day in the right headspace, and the teachings seemed to guide how I interacted with the world around me that day.

Journaling is more than simply words on paper; it’s about processing your emotions, thoughts, and experiences in whatever way moves you. Journaling teaches you about yourself, and it should inspire inner growth and movement forward. During my 28 Days, I had numerous ah-ha moments, several times where I breathed a sigh of relief as I purged unwanted energy and felt I could move forward more positively. Near the end of the journal – while I was writing my own thoughts – I had a particular moment that tied everything together for me with these Seven Teachings, and I wrote it in the front of the book: Living your Truth allows you to embody Humility, Bravery, Wisdom, Honesty, Respect, and Love. For me, Truth was at the core, and all of the other teachings branched from it. I doodled a flower with six petals, and wrote Truth in the middle and the other six teachings on each of the petals. I realized that at the time I was writing the 28 Day journal, fully understanding My Truth was important for me. I could easily see how these petals could shift and move, with each taking their turn in the middle.



As the universe would have it, I was provided with additional information about the Seven Teachings in my Facebook newsfeed shortly after I had finished the journal. This picture and a link to “Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers” http://bit.ly/q9EkwH



Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers:

1-Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom) To cherish knowledge is to know Wisdom.

2-Zaagi’idiwin (Love) To know Love is to know peace.

3-Minaadendamowin (Respect) To honor all creation is to have Respect.

4-Aakode’ewin (Bravery) Bravery is to face the foe with integrity.

5-Gwayakwaadiziwin (Honesty) Honesty in facing a situation is to be brave.

6-Dabaadendiziwin (Humility) Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of Creation.

7-Debwewin (Truth) Truth is to know all of these things.

These teachings are universal, and they offer us a tool to good health, and spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.


More information about the Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers can be found on Wikipedia.

The Gifts of the Seven Grandfathers discusses origins and offers audio so you can hear the teachings.

A PDF of the Seven Sacred Teachings can be found HERE.


My thanks to Frantastic Davis for the experience.

Mitakuye Oyasin (All Are Related)


Ask Us! Shaking Off Unwanted Energies

We often get questions from people in the Niagara Community about various new age, spiritual or paranormal things. Not surprising, it is definitely a time of questioning, unpacking, and rethinking the things that happen to us and  the world around us. I’m glad that folks ask us, and that’s why we’re starting an ‘Ask Us!’ blog series. If you have a question about something, or would like something explained – or perhaps you had an experience and are trying to make some sense of it. We’ll be glad to chat with you and offer advice! Ask Us!

Today I’d like to share an email from someone who is sensitive to energies:

“Ever since I was told about the negative energy that I take from people, I’ve been trying to be diligent in clearing it. So, today after seeing one of my clients I sat in my car and tried to clear it. Now, I have to say that I don’t really know what I’m doing. I did some deep breathing and imagined the negativity flowing out of me. All of a sudden I feel and itching or tickling feeling in my arms, neck and shoulders. I “shook it off” and then it was gone! Along with the headache that had developed when I saw the client….Any feedback would be appreciated!!”


Congrats on shaking off and ridding yourself of the negative energy. Good that you recognized that you were carrying something not your own. Often we don’t realize that we leave with other people’s baggage – we think the ick, or the bad mood or headache is our own and from us. I love how you instinctively engaged in the process of clearing it; the breathing & visualization you describe is a good way to do this, yes – good for you! I would also suggest that you imagine yourself in a protective egg, or bubble – whatever you want to call it – it surrounds you in white light. Imagine it protects you, letting only positive energies that are love and light through, while the gray, draining, negative energy bounces off. This is handy for before you leave the house to go see a client (I would still suggest the cleanse after you leave too). Yes, the physical sensations that you felt are indicators of spirit or energy around you. The shaking off is a firm stance on your part that – no, you cannot be here – get off me. Firm statements like this, actions of shaking off or pulling things off of you works well to rid yourself of unwelcome energies. We only want energies that are rooted in love and light. Really great to hear that you’re connecting with yourself and tuning in. I hope this is helpful,  and thanks for asking  🙂