How May I Serve?

How May I Serve?

Many people continue to ‘awaken’; they are starting to feel that they have a calling or a purpose – a mission if you will, on this earth plane. The drive or pull to do something in life that has depth and meaning continues to gnaw and poke within, and people are often feeling – what now? What is it about that feeling within us that we want/need to contribute to society or the universe, that we want our lives to have meaning and significance – that we want to make a difference in some way? I believe that everyone who feels this calling or drive has a special and unique purpose or role in this lifetime, and it just takes a bit of digging and soul searching to find out what it is. Doreen Virtue offers this insight, and I think it offers a good perspective while you’re doing some internal exploration:

“Every individual has a life purpose. This is the mission that you agreed upon prior to your incarnation. There are two parts to your life purpose: a personal one and a global one. Your personal purpose involves a particular characteristic that you’re trying to develop in life, such as patience or compassion. Your Global Purpose involves discovering, developing and, and using your natural talents and interests to help other people and the planet.
Some people have a purpose that affects just a few, while others are spiritually contracted to help thousands of people. Just like an orchestra, every player is equally important. Deep down, you probably know that you’re here to make the world a better place. If you feel that you’re not doing so, your inner self begins to nudge you. This nudging can look like anxiety or a sense of urgency. If you ignore the inner nudging, you may begin to feel empty or depressed. If you believe others are blocking your urgings, you may blame them or feel angry and ripped off. If you feel unqualified to help the world, you may collapse into low self-esteem.
The global mission is the overarching, or umbrella like Purpose that you’re engaged in. Your personal mission is the specific form that your life purpose is to take.” (Doreen Virtue – The Care & Feeding of Indigo Children ).

I like the aspect she notes about different capacities of help and service – some of us will help a few – perhaps those around us, while others will reach larger groups. Don’t underestimate the power and significance of helping and being of service to those around you, a couple or a few dozen people (in some ways this might alleviate the pressure of having to save the world all at once, no?). Think of your service, your help, your contribution – whatever that might be – as offering a ripple effect. Love, Joy and Peace are contagious – share it, spread it and rejoice within it, you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes in the world around you and within you.

Not everyone has this strong drive, many are content with their role on the earth plane – and that’s fine, as that is what they’ve chosen to experience in this lifetime. For others, the drive to serve is like a constant hunger pang in the pit of the stomach. What do I do? What am I supposed to do? The call to service can be confusing. What exactly does that mean – ‘call to service’? What does it mean when we say that we want to help humanity or the world around us in some capacity? One question that really works well for me is: How may I best serve? Although I am pretty clear on my path and purpose, I pose this question to the universe often – and it answers. One example is the new location of The Spiritual Spa; a wonderful opportunity to expand and offer Niagara more services and healing that came to me just at the right time. When you ask this question, you might be surprised at the amazing opportunities that come to you.

When you ask this question – how may I best serve? you await the answers and opportunities. It will come in both subtle ways and ‘in your face’ messages. Be prepared to listen and receive the answer! I will often ask this question when I am in a meditative state when I am planning my monthly seminars and workshops. The seminar topics I offer are always Divinely guided, and in my mind are timely topics that people are interested in or need to hear about at this time in their lives. Most recently when I asked “How may I serve?”, I channeled an interesting answer, and I was asked to share it in a written format with you. And so, here it is…

“When you ask – How May I Serve – asking about your role, or your life path and purpose, the answer will come to you – be patient and be aware. But note that Service encompasses different aspects that you should be aware of.

Self Serve
One of the most important ways (and perhaps one of the most challenging ways) to serve, is to serve Self. You must always start with Self, and care and nurture Self. Self is an aspect of the Divine source – a spark of the Great Light. Each living being on this earth plane is a part of Source and as such, you must love and respect Self. Self Serve means making your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health a top priority. This means getting adequate rest each day, eating a healthy diet, getting enough physical exercise (such as walking, Tai Chi, Yoga), Meditating daily, spending time in nature, and so forth. Do things that will raise your vibration, and engage in practices that allow you to be true to You and Your Authentic Self. Being positive and in a high vibrational space is a service to humanity. When you are healthy and in a space of Love and Light, you are contributing to the global awareness and consciousness, and importantly – helping to raise the vibration of the planet. It is done so one person at a time, and as more people do so, more Love and Light is felt around you. As more Love and Light is felt, more is spread to and shared with others. Like ripples of water, the behaviour of one affects the whole.

(Note from Tracy – after writing the channeled entry I was given an image of the pre-flight preparation that flight attendants provide: they note to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you put the mask on your child or person beside you if they’re unable to. Our first instinct is to help others first – before ourselves, but we have to help ourselves first and make sure that our needs are met so that we can successfully help those around us.)

Full Serve
Part of Self Serve is respecting your needs and truth. Importantly, when you respect your Self and place your Self in the top of your priority list, you are in a space to allow others to love you and help you – to serve you. Full Serve is about serving one another, it is balanced and reciprocal – it is an exchange. When you are in this space, you help each other out, you love each other, you support each other in various different ways. You must be open to receiving it, open to healing, and open to Love and Light from the universe – and from others. You must know that you are worthy of living your Truth and of value, and as such – deserving of this Love and Light. Love is not linear, it is circular and ever flowing. Allow others to serve You. Allow the flow of service amongst humans, animals, plants – all living things to circulate freely and expansively.

What is important to know is that you may ‘serve’ humanity, global consciousness, or the world broadly on a daily basis without being caught up in the semantics of your larger role and individual purpose. Sharing and existing within Love, Light and Peace is our overarching purpose on the earth plane, and that starts with You. Service to others, to all beings with life force energy starts with and ends with Love. Service to others IS Love. Love IS service to humanity, global consciousness and the universe. Love can be shared and expressed with small feats (smiling at cashier, saying hello to someone you don’t know, helping a stranger and so forth), or larger tasks and efforts (volunteering at community kitchen, crocheting clothes for impoverished children, planting a community garden, holding space for group gatherings, and so forth). Every day practices of exuding and conveying Love, Light and Peace can happen anywhere and everywhere. Service can be incorporated into every little thing that you think and do in a day.

You ask – How may I serve today? Embody Love. Express Love. Be Love. Do everything – both outward and inward – with the intention of Love. Never underestimate the power of a loving peaceful thought or intention. Existing in this space will help All that Is, and ultimately (if you are still questioning), you will find your niche – your individual role, life path and purpose – in this embodied space of Love and Light. You will become aware of the way the skills and talents of and within your personality can express Love in order to be of Service to All.

(end session)

I found this session to be quite enlightening to me, and it made a lot of sense. One of my weaker areas is to serve Self first. I tend to extend to others, but am less willing to do the same for my Self (I also struggle with letting people help me). A good lesson, and I am reminded of the namaste meaning, as the Light shines in all of us (ourselves included):

“I honor the place in you where Spirit lives
I honor the place in you which is
of Love, of Truth, of Light, of Peace,
when you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
then we are One.”

And, as The Echo (Channeled by Cliff Preston in 1982) states:

“Love is the only answer, regardless of the question”.

In Love & Light ❤ Tracy